Drive Your Classic Vehicle

Drive your classic car to the Caramulo Motorfestival and join the party!

The Caramulo Motorfestival organizers have a Motor Pack for anyone who wants to visit the event at the wheel of their classic vehicle, regardless of whether they come as clubs or private individuals.

The pack, which costs €25 per automobile and €15 per motorcycle and can be purchased until 31st of August, includes the following benefits:

-Two commemorative neck ribbons with credentials
– Parking in Classic Park or in Bikersville
– Two ribbons credentials, commemorative of the event
– A ride up the Michelin Historical Hill Climb at the end of the races (never before 17h00)
– A ticket to Museu do Caramulo, for each car, worth €9 (and discount on any extra tickets)
– Access to the exhibition at Museu do Caramulo, at the time
– Commemorative sticker
– Caramulo Motorfestival Guidebook
– O Meu Clássico Guidebook
– Free speciality magazines (limited to existing stock)
– Possibility to purchase lunches in the Cloister of Museu do Caramulo
– Compensation of carbon emissions for your participation