Prio Air Show

The Caramulo Motorfestival is, once again, going to have an air show. The Prio Air Show will be organised by the Aero Clube Vintage and the Clube Aero Fenix, that promise to entertain the public, plus aerobatic pilot Captain Luís Garção.

Visitors will be able to appreciate the low passes and aerobatics of the classic De Havilland Chipmunk, built by OGMA in Alverca in 1956 at the hands of pilot Munkelt Gonçalves.

They will also be able to watch the skills of the Cessna 140 from the Vintage Aero Club.

The Prio Air Show continues on the ground where visitors can enjoy a free Virtual Reality experience, simulating an aerobatic flight by Captain Luís Garção, and there are some free models to build.