The Museu do Caramulo is also one of the attractions of the Caramulo Motorfestival, with its permanent collections of cars, motorbikes, bicycles and toys.

Apart from the collections, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions. Among these, there will be the “Yesterday’s Races” covering nearly a century of toy production, the exhibition features more than 240 pieces ranging from the famous tin and iron racing cars and motorbikes to the popular slot tracks that recreated the world’s great racing circuits, as well as a core dedicated to Portuguese toys linked to the theme of automobile competition.

During the event, the exhibition “The Art of Persuasion” will also be on, counting over 250 original pieces, like posters, flyers or movies from several intervening countries during World War II like the U.S.A, Germany, England, France, Italy, Japan or the Soviet Union, intends to show the advertising under the framework of an art form that it assumed, following the objective of any other work of art: cause emotion in the people and change the world.